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Amalgamated Feeds Ltd was incorporated in August 2009

The company was created when The Pets Place, a private veterinary clinic which specialized in the manufacture of Nutripak Dog Food went looking for partners to grow the Dog Food and introduce new products for the Dog food market.

The market for the products is interestingly diverse including middle to upper level income bracket families (expatriate or repatriate) who have been exposed to dog foods while outside,

Dog lovers who wanted the best for their dogs at a reasonable price,

Young married couples who are both working full time with no time to feed dogs

Amalgamated Feeds Limited has relaunched a new improved version of the original Nutripak dog food now Chunkies, a new extruded dog food Nuggets and is at present producing balanced feeds for dogs and puppies.

At full capacity, the factory is expected to produce a minimum of 20 tonnes of each line a month.

All lines from Amalgamated Feeds will bear the name Nutripak i.e. Nutripak Dog Food, Nutripak Puppy etc.

We are also producing canned dog food Nutripak Buff –Full Meal and Meat Stew

Amalgamated has also moved into the production of other pet grooming products such as, Shampoos, Soaps and over the counter skin treatments under Nutripak Fresh

In the initial stages, the objective is to achieve a total product that is cheaper than most or all of the imported dog foods and is equal or better in terms of nutritional quality and packaging.